Five Different Type of Windows for Homes

Windows play a very important role in the external and internal aesthetics of your home. commercial carpet tiles They also play an important role in the ventilation, natural lighting and overall insulation of your home. Because of these factors energy-efficient windows are the ideal choice for your home.

There are several types of window frames such as metal, composite wood, fibreglass, wood, and vinyl. However, good quality (environment friendly) pure vinyl frames made of high assembling and installing technology, along with the best all-weather glazing technology held firmly in heavy duty weather shields represent the one of the best options for quality replacement windows. Look for certifications like NFRC, AAMA, etc.

Windows also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of your living area. Here are a few types of windows and their advantages:

Casement windows- are the most regular option for vertical window panels. You can combine a casement window with a picture window or a bay and bow window for a more picturesque view of the scenic outdoors. Casement windows hinge on one side and have a crank mechanism that can make them swing outwards. They can be opened to allow natural ventilation to flow through. Multiple panels can be most cost effectively designed to replace your existing windows.

Double hung windows- These are the more popular type mainly because both sashes can be opened for natural ventilation. They tilt in for easy cleaning. You’ll find stylish designs with unique exterior architectural mouldings that add to the beauty of your home.

Sliding replacement windows- are cost effective, and enable sliding panels to move horizontally on tracts. These are easily removable for cleaning. This design is preferred for smaller horizontal openings.

Bay, bow and garden replacement windows- Both these windows project outward in the middle of the opening and recede back towards the ends making a nice window seat within the insulated house. Because they are bigger they offer extra light and give you a picturesque view of your home’s surroundings. You’ll find a number of grid options to go with these types of windows.

Sunrooms – Obviously, sunrooms are not windows, but they are included here because they are more like a magnified option of bay-cum-picture-cum-garden windows combined. If you want to a room where you can have a panoramic view of the outdoors, a space where natural light flows in and you can kick your shoes off and relax, a sun room with its wall-to-wall windows is the ideal place.

If you need help in choosing the right type of window for your living area, call a local manufacturer and request for a free in-home consultation. There is no obligation and you’ll the recommendations a valuable contribution to the decisions you make.

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